The difference between drama

The difference between drama

The difference between drama

Greek literary theorists have discussed the difference between epic and drama. Various thinkers have also pointed out how the drama is different from the novel which is the closest literary medium with the drama. However, the difference between the novel and the play, however obvious it may have been at one time, is present in the remarkable change in the novel-mode. Drama and novel are complementing each other in many ways. Incidentally, the following features are noteworthy: 

1. Plot, character, dialogue and pacing are common features of plays and novels; 

2. The theme of both art is the complex representation of human psychology, love, greatness, hatred, jealousy, greed and other basic instincts; 

3. In these two art mediums, you can see the results of the combination or conflict or the combination of both; 

4. Both literary forms can convey a sense of purpose through mere reading (studying); Despite all these characteristics, it can be said that drama is a special art form which differs significantly from novel based on presentation, action and dialogue. Drama can be said to be more than literature. with this Audience tastes, stage management and performance techniques are inextricably linked.

Traditionally, events in drama

 A special ritual is followed in Sanveshakalpa. From the beginning of the drama to the end, that is, from the development of events, the consequences take place step by step. It needs to be said that a conflict is hinted at in the very beginning of the play. Which basically contains the seed energy to make the play result oriented. As the drama progresses, the conflict is gradually intensified. 

Gain reaches a peak position

In fact, this conflict in the drama is in a reverse trend in terms of its trajectory. It helps to shape the given truths. Therefore, it can be said that the creation of conflict and its successful resolution are the

 hallmarks of drama

 Considering the classification of drama, it can be divided from different perspectives.