the concept of the global village

the concept of the global village

Shadow nest of peace The concept of our dream village Here everyone knows Everybody meets every day Everybody gets news in the middle of the night, exchanges greetings and share happiness and sorrow Share the life of the people of Nayan village 4 Everybody has good Mercury sincerity If people all over the world could speak Bengali to each other like a rural environment beyond the geographical distance, then the idea of ​​Vishwagram or Global Village with the conscience of ethnic and religious songs centered around these thoughts.

the concept of the global village

prominent Canadian philosopher " Herbert Marshall McLuhan " How the first of the sixties electrical technology and fast The idea that the extinction of the migratory monsoon could transform the whole world into a village or village was presented to all. This globalization process of technology ranges from creating a free and accessible source of information flow to increasing normal living and work efficiency, expanding trade and commerce, expanding distance learning, increasing medical care, and creating a wide range of employment opportunities worldwide.

Extremely accessible to norms and responses, harmful and untrue and intrusive, leading to social and state chaos, unethical intrusion into personal privacy, cyber-attacks, and discrimination by the Department of Technology. There are fears. It must be connected to the hardware-software network and have the ability to store and respond to reliable data or information. 

principal component regarding concept app mobile village

Below is a list of ideas I hope you will benefit from reading our article.
1. Communication
2. Employment
3. Education
4. Medical Facilities
5. Office 
6 Research
7. Residence
8. Business 
9. News
10. Entertainment and social communication
11. Cultural exchange Activities
12. Virtual reality
13. Impact of virtual reality in daily life
We are publishing the specific details of the written topics in a concise form. We hope that you will get the complete information as soon as you read our articles.

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1. Communication: 

the concept of the global village

Communication means we have always been in touch from one place to another and the world has an idea. This communication has played an important role. One can move from one country to another, but in the context of the world, communication means the simultaneous exchange or exchange of information or the communication of the exchange of information through any other means, and this communication is now the main element of the concept of the world. New technological innovations have not revolutionized the field of communication. Using the almost century-old telephone device in communication, today's topic is the Internet Email ID WhatsApp app Facebook Messenger Emo Web Browser Moment can be communicated to any part of the world. This communication system is called a train communication system and information communication can be divided into these two parts. Once upon a time, his B-based telephone was the only means of communication. The use of the Internet and social networking is now being reviewed separately around the world, especially as it relies heavily on the Internet or social networking, especially for the younger generation. On the other hand, transferring or sharing information while maintaining rules and security is an important issue in today's information technology age.

2. Employment : 

the concept of the global village

Unemployment is a problem in almost every country in the world. Due to the improvement of information technology and communication system, a large number of developing countries are able to get rid of unemployment by applying for the job market at home and abroad through the internet. There are several job portals with news including bd. job usable etc. Notably the most number one company people freelancer people per hour etc. All freelancing sites can apply for various jobs here using information and communication technology in such employment in one country Citizens work from a distance for the benefit of citizens or organizations from different countries. This activity is called outsourcing. Data Analysis Copywriting Graphics Design Software Development Web Development Affiliate Marketing Search Engine Optimization or Google Adsense Etc. -The major negative aspect of the family is not getting a job according to the ability to work at night.

3. Education 

the concept of the global village

The concept of e-learning is a very important element. True education helps a person to become a liberal world citizen who believes in free thinking in society and the environment. Keeping pace with the talent selection of students, the use of information and communication technology as much as possible ensures that a teaching method is a powerful tool for modernization of information and communication technology and at least highly effective in both formal and formal education. Very easy. Free Explain to everyone How to download from our website all readers published by the National Curriculum and Textbook Board of our country No need to travel from one country to another and can study at home During the 2020 World Coronavirus Conference Registration has taught online education to students online from there to various online applications such as Google Facebook Messenger Emu WhatsApp. Who has donated directly to it?. Instead of teaching in a traditional classroom, online teacher e-learning is a technical learning method of conducting educational activities among students using electronic means, especially the computer internet where teachers and students can complete interaction-based teaching activities from any position online.

4. Medical Facilities : 

the concept of the global village

Many countries in the world do not even have access to hospital facilities in remote and remote areas and there are many areas in the world where it takes two to three days to get patients to the nearest hospital. There is no provision of medical services for the poor due to neglect of public health and telemedicine has played an important role in this situation. Telemedicine refers to the use of information and communication technology to provide medical services to remote patients by specialist doctors. The key point is the use of information technology to bring healthcare to the doorsteps of the people in remote areas of Bangladesh. Medical services have been started in the hospitals at the Upazila level through conferencing video conferencing and the public has started enjoying it.

Accurate diagnosis is a prerequisite for proper treatment of the patient. In today's world of diagnostics, it is possible to use artificial intelligence-based on information and communication technology to properly diagnose the disease accurately.

5. Office : 

the concept of the global village

Office or employment is a place where different professionals do their job-related work. In the current system of the office, the concept of worldview can be expressed in the most beautiful way. Not only is this question being answered on the phone from Papun country, but also modern office equipment, ICT using various software, overall office activities can be done with great ease, transparency, and visible mobility. Offices nowadays are connected to the Internet and are running in a fully automated way. All the activities of the office have become extremely necessary and fast through information and communication technology. In today's globalized world of information and communication technology, the Kathandi office system is on the verge of a big change. I've learned a few things from Google that can work 24 hours a day. Many of us are waiting for Google. However, our mechanized ions reduce the employment of inexperienced people as well as the management process with customers and at the same time social interaction with PERM workers.

6. Research  

                                       the concept of the global village

The process by which creative genius is applied enriches the knowledge base of the world That is one of the prerequisites for development or research. Regular knowledge practice involves scientific research. Huge sums of money are spent on research through advanced research. Therefore, research on the concept of world village is a major aspect and that is why the role of information and communication technology is immense. Introduction to Technology In today's world, without the help of information and communication technology, scientists and researchers cannot think of research. Data Collection and Feedback Information technology at every step of data collection from accounting simulation or equipment management and control. A researcher can maintain uninterrupted communication even when he is not physically present. Seminars or conferences can publish his research or learn about other people's research. Once upon a time pornlovo research papers, patents, etc. were extremely rare and that was the biggest hurdle of research nowadays published in almost all journals, and research activities become more dynamic when patents are published on specific websites or blogs. The concept of Vishwagram was made very easy to implement by quickly spreading the research to various research institutes or individuals in the world and providing observational opinions on them.

7. Residence 

the concept of the global village

Habitat is a basic human need. The use of information technology in the construction of bus buildings with modern facilities is increasing significantly in the world today. The use of modern information technology in everything from living or staying at home to face-to-face conversations with relatives and friends in remote countries to ensuring security by the remote controlling system, increasing the temperature of the party, lighting system has made life extremely comfortable and easy. Convenient accommodation in Iran is called a smart home and the adoption of this system is called an automation system or system. With smart home cameras and motion sensors attached to the police control room or a private security company, the residence is under constant surveillance and the security of the residence is secured. Skilled Manpower to Maintain Massive Financial Investment in How to the Home Automation Personal Privacy Intervention Voice India is growing in popularity despite its limitations on controlled marriage.

8. Business 

the concept of the global village
Trade No country in the world is now fully self-sufficient. Every country has to depend on other countries for some of the other commodities. In the field of trade, we see the concept of world gram flourishing. The development of the country depends on a strong economic system. It is possible to spread the quality of products and services online locally and globally, so business is no longer geographically limited. The best example of global e-commerce business online shopping is considered to be a replica of the journey of electronics e-commerce.

9. News 

the concept of the global village

News World is one of the major components of India. The use of information and communication technology has increased the dynamics of news and media activities. It has multiplied. Channels such as TP Router, BCC, CNN, or Al Jazeera, spread the news through their networks, bringing our votes to the forefront. The Crown has expanded in our media in the same way that it has spread to other parts of the world. We have been able to use the opportunities of online journalism. We have been able to make accurate diagnoses. RAW continues to spread the news. At present almost all the newspapers are regularly published in their online editions. Mobile phone companies are promoting them in exchange for updated news service charges. As the news is global they are becoming global Because of the ease with which portals are created or social media news is disseminated, it is seen that they are being misused enough. Network security needs to be expanded.

10. Entertainment and social communication :

Entertainment and social communication :

Without entertainment, a significant part of human life would be incomplete. From 900 to the present, entertainment has been dominated by storytelling, songs, dramas, etc. Nowadays, most entertainment has become dependent on electronic devices such as television, radio, mobile, YouTube, music, satellite, and the internet. The reason for the improvement is that it is now possible to enjoy any event in the world at home. There are many more entertainment media including Protocol YouTube where one can watch and download his favorite video songs etc. It was a time when all entertainment programs were made People from one country are getting acquainted with the culture of thinking of other countries. Online news TV program Run Natak Jayita is the second person to be able to enjoy watching in any place via smartphone from any part of the world using popular social media like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. In the world of communication entertainment.

All the covered video images can be easily verified through observation and likes, but in this case, we all need to be careful not to lose the ethnicity of different cultures. Moreover, drug abuse through social media is increasing alarmingly nowadays. Adverse effects are also occurring as well as the unwanted intrusion of personal information, transfer of one's picture or information under another name or spreading rumors and creating extreme chaos.

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11. Cultural exchange Activities : 

Cultural exchange Activities

The Role of Culture and Creativity in the Progress of Human Civilization The undeniable role of the king has been proved in various ways in history review. The impact of the current globalization system is being felt in the cultural sphere. Once upon a time in our country, no day was celebrated as Valentine's Day. Now it is a popular day among the youth in this country. Observational thinking on any subject in Pakistan is able to take the form of human exchange. For the benefit of information and communication technology, people of different religions live in a single society. Adverse Q. The language and culture of the backward countries are on the verge of extinction. Many diverse cultures are being developed in our country. Our culture needs to be able to take place in cultural activities and website channels etc.

12. Virtual reality 

the concept of the global village

The word virtual reality literally means artificial reality. Although the two words are semantically contradictory, in the case of information technology it creates a kind of environment if not real but real like consciousness and a real feeling in the brain where we know. From what we call reality, if we can create these feelings with the help of some instrument, then the situation may seem very real to man. He can do it in various ways. This is often done by looking at different scenes with different projectors on the screen, creating the feeling that the combination of hardware and software with the help of a computer is the real three-dimensional wife of an environment or event to perform these responses. And a kind of artificial environment created through software When presented, it looks like a real environment to users. To create an environment of virtual reality, powerful computer sensors have to be used. Hand gloves are often used without helmets. Boots should be used.

13. Impact of virtual reality in daily life : 

Impact of virtual reality in daily life

Through various forms of entertainment, Virtual Reality has gained the opportunity to become the most familiar with 3D virtual reality-based minute fiction, mythology, cartoons, history films, etc. It has gained popularity and acceptance among the people. It is not possible for everyone to visit museums or historians everywhere. It is possible to travel to those places using virtual reality methods. Recently, new forms of augmented reality virtual reality have started gaining popularity. Operational training is most practically used prior to the implementation of Flight Simulation 91 and through the use of the Management Second Education and Research Foundation.

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