The enmity of the Quraish Causes of the battle of Badar

The enmity of the Quraish Causes of the battle of Badar

The enmity of the Quraish Causes of the battle of Badar

The enmity of the Quraish: Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) was able to turn the quarrelsome people of Madinah into one nation after the migration to Madinah in 622 AD. Only two years apart from the Prophet (peace be upon him)

Frightened and jealous by the speed, the Quraysh fell into the progressive power, the establishment of the Islamic State and the irresistible progress of Islam. They conspired anew to wipe out the Muslims from Medina. A. H. According to Siddiqui, “As a result of the Medina Charter, Muhammad (pbuh)

According to the Medina Charter, Muhammad (pbuh) was the supreme military, judicial, administrative, religious and. The state of Medina gained a solid foothold when Majnetak became the head of leadership. The Battle of Badr

Conspiracy of Sadullah Ibn Ubayy: Abdullah Ibn Ubayy, the leader of the Khazraj dynasty of Medina, was an influential stronghold. Tan cherished the desire to be the ruler of Medina. But I smiled in Medina

Cherish the desire to be. But when the Islamic Republic was established in Medina. His hopes were not fulfilled. So he secretly conspired with the Quraish of Makkah to send the Prophet (peace be upon him) from Medina.

Plan for deportation. He formed a hypocritical team to implement this plan. 2. Despite acknowledging external allegiance, the hypocritical party led by Abdullah is openly hostile to the Prophet (peace be upon him) and to Islam. Starts. Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) attended the secret meeting of the hypocritical group and reminded them of the terms of the Medina Charter. He said that the Quraish of Makkah needed to unite in order to repel any possible attack. As a result, although Abdullah temporarily refrained from conspiring, he continued to conspire against the Muslims in his mind. The great book Al. The Qur'an says of the hypocrites, "Apostasy is a greater sin than murder, and they will fight the Ta'imahs incessantly until they can turn them away from their religion."

Robbery and looting of the Karais. The Quraish of Makkah often plundered the border areas of Medina. They.

He used to burn the fields of Salman. Fruit trees were destroyed and cattle, including goats, were plundered. Tax A Quraish party led by Din Abir launched a series of raids on the outskirts of Medina in late 623 AD. And threatened to attack Medina if the Prophet (peace be upon him) was not expelled from Medina.

Salt skirmish. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) sent a group of 12 Assyrians, led by Abdullah bin Ahas, to the Arabian Peninsula to observe the movements of the Quraish in order to protect the lives and property of all the citizens of Medina. Kim mistakenly at this team. A caravan of Quraish on their way to Mecca attacked. The result was a skirmish in Nakhla. The Quraish leader in this war. Amr bin Hazrami was killed and two others were taken prisoner. Then the Shafta of the Quraysh increased further. Nakhla's skirmish. The direct cause of the battle of Badr is said to be. S, M, Imamuddin said, "The won of Allullah al Hajrani created. Sensation in Makkah anel this become the bottle of Badar." Hazrami's death caused a stir in Mahabasa and this is the direct cause of the monkey's death. Abu Sufyan's Propaganda: The Enemy of Islam and Safyan traveled to Syria on the pretext of trade in organ collection. The caravan, returning from Gaza, contained weapons and ammunition worth about 50,000 dinars. The Quraish, devastated by the battle of Nakhla, were anxious for Abu Sufyan's caravan to reach Makkah safely. A! At the time a rumor arose, Abu Sufyan's caravan had been attacked by the Muslims of Medina. This rumor is true. Without verification, the Quraish led by Abu Jahl with 600 cavalry, 100 cavalry and 200 infantry. He marched towards Medina with the help of Abu Sufyan with about 1000 troops. Gaining the Divine Word: The Prophet (peace be upon him) was disturbed by the news of the arrival of the Quraish by the Muslim Gayenda and | Couldn't decide what to do. At that time he received divine word from Almighty Allah. God. He said, “Fight those who fight Tayma. However, the limit is not violated. Because God is the limit. You do not like the transgressor. "2" The Prophet (peace be upon him) also prayed in the court of Allah: "O Khaeda, O merciful Lord, do not forget your promise to help you. If this small group of Muslims were wiped out today, then no one else in the world would utter your name, your glory. At the suggestion of the Council of Ministers, a small force of 313 (234 Ansar and 324 including 8 Muhajireen) set up camp at the foot of the Al-Arish Mountains, about 60 miles southwest of Medina in the Badr Valley. In the morning of 13th March, 624 AH (17th Ramadan of the 2nd Hijri), Abu Jahl, seeing the gracious Muslims occupying the water, became confused and carried out the attack. Hamza (ra), Ali (ra) and Abu Ubaida (ra) defeated them at the behest of the Prophet (sa). The Quraish forces were defeated and fled. At least 70 people, including Abu Jahl, were killed and the same number of prisoners were taken prisoner. On the other hand, 14 Muslims were martyred. Among them were 7 Ansar and 6 Muhajirs. Accommodation arrangements You do. He arranged for the release with a ransom of 4,000 dirhams per person. Those who are unable to pay the ransom

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He was released on the promise of 'Rabe Na'. Through the statement of a prisoner.

be on the men of Madina who made us ride while they ate bread to eat when there was little of it, contenting

Hayek showered blessings on Sir. They ate us (camels or goats, they didn't even eat their own little wheat bread themselves)

They will not take up arms against the Muslims. Historian William Muir said "Blessing be on the men of Madin themselves walked. They gave us wheaten bread to eat when there themselves with dates." That is, “Blessings be upon the people of Medina. They walked on their own, riding on their necks, even their own little wheat bread. They ate and drank dates themselves.

Thom victory: Victory in the battle of Badr was the first military victory of the Muslims. The Quraish are the Prophet (peace be upon him) The battle was fought with the intention of eradicating K from Madana. But the Muslims won against them.

Locke Joseph Hale said, “The victory in the battle of Badr is Islam's first military victory. A victory. It proves the superiority of Muslims over their own people. " "Islam has won its first and! Decisive military victory," said Hitler.

The Battle of Badr

The enmity of the Quraish Causes of the battle of Badar

The Battle of Badr is a battle of survival between the Muslims and the Quraish. To establish the religion of Allah.

The Muslims were involved in this war. If this war is not won, Islam is not just a state, it is a religion.

As such, it would be wiped off the face of the earth forever. This is why it is called a conciliatory war. . 3. Increasing Muslim Confidence: A small number of Muslims won the war with thousands of Quraish.

The confidence of Muslims increases. Their morale, strength, courage and enthusiasm increase. For religion. It was his determination to give his life that later made the Muslim nation invincible. Syed Amir Ali said, "The remarkable circumstances which led to the victory of Badr, and the result which followed from it, made a deep impression on the minds of the muslems, they firmly believed that the angles of heaven had battled on their side against the unbelieving host. The victory signaled and the result was a profound imprint on the minds of the Muslims

Did. They firmly believed that the angels of heaven had fought against the unbelievers on their behalf. ” 

Foundation of Muslim Rule in India

The arrogance of the Quraish diminished: the defeat of the Quraish in the battle of Badr with a large number of troops weakened and

All kinds of arrogance are dusted. Because before this war the Quraish and their allies had the idea that the Muslims could be wiped out by conducting military operations. But their pride was shattered by their tragic defeat and the death of 70 people, including their leader. The change in their leadership was due to the Muslims in the battle of Badr.

The direct result of victory

The enmity of the Quraish Causes of the battle of Badar

Spread of Islam: Before the Battle of Badr, Islam was practiced only in Medina. But Badr.

With the victory, the prestige of Islam increased tremendously and Laik Islam began to enter the religion in groups. 

Historian Joseph Hale said: "The attraction of Islam to the Arab world and even the people of the world is increasing. Laik converted to Islam in groups. As a result, Islam in the Arabian Peninsula in just a few days. Is expanded. " Regarding the importance of the Battle of Badr, historian Nicholson said, “The Battle of Badr is like a marathon. One of the greatest and most memorable battles in history. All eyes are on Muhammad (pbuh) in the victory of Badr.

Is focused. No matter how much the Arabs disregarded his religion (Islam), they could not disrespect him. " . Laying the foundation of the worldly power of the Prophet (peace be upon him): The victory of the battle of Badr resulted in the materialization of the Prophet (peace be upon him).

The foundation of energy is laid. He became the sole ruler of the state of Medina. Its in the world again. Influence increases. Historical p. K. Hitty said, "The Battle of Badlar laid the foundation of

were Muhammads temporal power. In the Battle of Badr, Muhammad (pbuh) laid the foundation of world power Achieved. ”

The Egyptians' Contributions to Ancient Civilization

Jewish, Christian, and Bedouin morale is weakened: this war has a greater impact on Jews and Arab Bedouins.

By They realized that Islam had emerged with an invincible power. Jewish, Christian and Bedouin. The nation also gained a definite idea of ​​the power of Islam. They did not give up hostility. But he did not dare to despise the Muslims anymore. 

Financial gain: By winning the battle of Badr, the Muslims gained financially by taking booty and prisoners of war; Which was the need for an emerging power. The Muslim forces acquired the abandoned weapons, horses, camels and many other valuables of the enemy forces which helped the Muslims to increase their strength.

Like; The Muslims showed the utmost kindness and generosity towards the prisoners of war. At the end of the battle, the abandoned body of the martyred Prophet (sa) was carefully buried

Learns generosity. Besides, the Prophet (peace be upon him) made this arrangement for the prisoners of war. The Quraish released the captives on ransom. He

He was released after promising to educate Muslim boys.

Generosity of Muslims: Muslims are not humane towards prisoners of war

Whose example is rare in the history of the master. At the end of the battle, the Prophet (peace be upon him) killed 33 of his enemies. Other nations of the world learn the lessons of generosity from this. Provides food, clothing, and shelter as needed. Murder by taking ransom. - Set a ransom of four thousand dirhams. And those who are unable to pay the ransom.

Promises not to oppose and educate Muslim boys 

Increasing the Respect for the Prophet (PBUH): Historian Nicholson said, “The Battle of Badr is the greatest road in history.

One of the battles in the refuge. In the flower of victory in the desert of Badr, all eyes were on Muhammad (peace be upon him). No matter how much the Arabs ignored his religion, they did not respect him. "

Why, I could not disrespect him. The guide to twenty victories. The Battle of Uhud (625 AD), the Battle of the Trench (628 AD), after the Battle of Badr.

The Treaty of Hudaybiyyah (628 AD), the Battle of Mutar (629 AD), the Battle of Humayun and the Conquest of Mecca (730 AD) and the Tabuk Expedition (631 AD). West in the next 100 years

The continent of Africa, including parts of Europe, became part of the Islamic Empire as far east as India. In conclusion, the Battle of Badr is one of the decisive battles in the history of Islam. This war is known as a significant war. 

The Encyclopedia of Britannica mentions: "The Battle of Badar is not pnly the most celebrated battle in the memory of Muslims, it was really also of a great historical."


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