How to Designing Web Page

How to Designing Web Page

How to Designing Web Page

If you want to create a good website, first you have to create a beautiful design. There are various things to keep in mind during this design process. Among the important things are whether the website looks beautiful and attractive to the users and whether the various features of the website are easily found and used by the users.

Its design depends on the type of website. For example, consider creating a Q&A website, where different users can ask and answer questions on a variety of programming topics. For this, first, you have to decide what features will be on the website. Such a website may have the following features.

Users will be able to register and log in to the website.

Users will be able to paste questions on the website.

The user will be able to paste the answer to the question on the website. The questioner will be able to identify the most acceptable answer as correct.

Users will be able to rate other people's questions or answers if they think they are important.

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Then you have to think about what pages will be on the website. You need to design a layout for each page. The layout is what is meant to be shown anywhere on the page. This design can be done primarily on paper. This type of paper-pen design is called a wireframe. Suppose, the page of a question and its related answers can be like this (see the next picture). If you want, you can create such designs using any graphic design software, such as Adobe Illustrator or Gimp.

How to Designing Web Page

After the design of different pages is done, then its development has to start. According to the design of different pages, you have to create pages using HTML and CSS. This is called the front-end development of the website. In fact, front-end development uses HTML, CSS, as well as many other programming languages, software, and libraries that are not discussed in this book.

As well as using a programming language in the corner to implement various features on the website, connect to the database server, etc. This is called the back-end development of the website. Developers who know how to work both front-end and back-end are usually called full-stack developers.

During the development, various design changes may be required. You have to write the code keeping these issues in mind. In addition to development, regular testing and debugging will have to be done again. In other words, you need to check if all the features of the website are working properly, and if there are any problems, you need to fix them.

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Publishing a Web Site

Publishing a Web Site

A website has to be published so that everyone can browse it. In fact, the website has to be placed on a computer so that the computer is always active and connected to the Internet. There is another thing with that, which is called public IP address (IP Address). This is a specific address of that computer on the Internet. Computers used for personal use, however, do not have a specific public IP address even if they have an Internet connection. Public IP addresses can be collected by contacting the Internet connection provider. However, no one will keep their personal computer running 24 hours a day, so various organizations provide web hosting services, where websites can be kept and published.

Websites can be browsed using the IP address, but no one actually remembers the IP address. So there is a thing called the domain name of the website.,, etc. are domain names. Domain names are available for purchase on the Internet. However, the domain name that no one has bought so far, can only be bought. Then you need to establish a connection to the web hosting server with the domain name. Then one can enter the domain name in the address bar of the web browser and press enter key to see the website.

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