Battle of Uhud (March 21, 625 AD)

Battle of Uhud (March 21, 625 AD)

Battle of Uhud (March 21, 625 AD)

The Battle of Uhod (21 March, 625 AD) In ​​625 AD, the Quraish launched a series of attacks to avenge the defeat at the Battle of Ullo and wipe out Islam from the face of the earth. The battle took place in the valley of Uchul, near Medina, and was called the Battle of Uhud.

Familiar. Causes of the battle of Uhod. 1. Revenge for the defeat: The Quraish remember the defeat of a small number of Muslim soldiers in the battle of Badr

The fire of Pratahhansa ignited. In order to avenge the power of their relatives and leaders in the war, they decided to attack Medina by turning mourning into strength. The conspiracy of the Jews. The conspiratorial treacherous Jewish clique fueled the Quraish's vengeance. Badr. After the war, the Jewish poet Kab ibn Ashraf wrote a poem in Makkah against the Quraish against the Muslims.

Stir oil. They also incited the Bedouins against the Muslims. 3. The intrigue of poets. Mecca poet Amr Jahsi to avenge the death of the heroes of Mecca killed in the battle of Badr. Murcia, recitation of poems in Mahamchand and Mahanabi (sa.)

He described the slander and aroused the people of Makkah. Oath of Abu Sufyan; After the death of Abu Jahl in the battle of Badr, Abu Sufyan of Umayyad Gatr became Mecca

Gained the leadership of the Quraish. He rallied the various tribes of Makkah to take revenge. He vowed not to oil his hair or touch women until he had avenged his defeat at the Battle of Badr. Intoxicated with vengeance, he made extensive military preparations for this.

Medina predominates. After the victory in the battle of Badr, the socio-economic importance of Medina continued to grow.

At the same time, with the rapid spread of Islam and the progress of the Muslims, the Quraish invaded Medina.

Takes preparation. Hashimi-Umayyad Sakata. The Prophet (peace be upon him) belonged to the Banu Hashim tribe of the Quraish dynasty. Abu in the battle of Badr

When people like Jahil, Utbah, Shayba were killed, Abu Sufyan took the leadership of Umayyads. Abu Sufyan thought that the success of the Hashemites under the leadership of the Prophet (peace be upon him) had tarnished the image of Umayyad Gael. Prepared for war in the hope of gaining superiority against.

the concept of the global village

Protection of trade interests

Battle of Uhud (March 21, 625 AD)

If the foundation of the Islamic State established under the leadership of Muhammad (pbuh) in Medina is strengthened

The Quraish decided to attack Medina in a short time, fearing that their trade and commerce in Syria and Egypt would be cut off. According to S, M, Imamuddin, “The people of Makkah understand that they have trade-in Syria. There is a threat and Medina is preparing for an attack. "30 Quraish merchants

Assures to help with the necessary money for. Encouragement of Quraish women: Quraish to encourage Quraish warriors to take part in the battle of Uhud.

The ladies make provocative remarks. In this context, Abu Sufyan's wife Hinda had the following statement: And if you turn back, we will leave you and we will never love you. "

Thus the Quraish began to prepare for war. 

Abu Sufyan's brutal behavior

Battle of Uhud (March 21, 625 AD)

Abu Sufyan in Medina with 200 horsemen to inspire the Jews of Medina

Journey towards. On his way back to Mecca after negotiating with the Jews, he killed a Companion named Saad Ibn Amr. They looted several houses and set fire to pastures. At this news the Prophet (peace be upon him) chased them.

Events of the Battle of Uhud The Quraish, led by Abu Sufyan, gathered in the valley of Uhud, five miles west of Medina, with 3,000 armed men, including 300 camels and 200 cavalries. For this reason, despite his reluctance, Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) had 100 armored people. With only 1,000 mujahideen, including 50 archers, marched into the desert of Uhud. On the way, the hypocrite Sardar Abdullah bin. Ubayy leaves the party with his 300 followers. Eventually, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) marched with 700 troops to the battle of Maacabila of 3,000 Quraish troops. Fifty archers led by Abdullah ibn Zubayr were assigned to guard the pass on the left behind the Muslim camp. They are instructed - anywhere, In that case, they should not leave the pass. The war began on March 21, 625 AD (according to the sect, March 26). Hazrat Hamza killed Talha in wrestling according to the traditional custom. In the beginning, the Muslims succeeded one after the other. By The enemy forces became ignorant and started fleeing from the battlefield. When the victory of the Muslims in the war is almost certain, at that time

Opposition leader Khalid: who was fleeing on the road, was attacked from behind and the Muslim forces were upset and damaged. Birshreshtha

Be. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) himself was not thrown by Ibn Kamia of the Quraish tribe and his two teeth were martyred. On the other hand, 23 enemy soldiers were killed. When Had Musab was killed, rumors spread that the Prophet (peace be upon him) had been killed. The Quraish goes back to Mecca. sult of the battle of Uhod)

At that moment, Ainayen launched a counter-attack on the mountain pass, escaping through the unprotected passage. In a surprise attack. 70 Mujahideen including Hamza (RA) were martyred. Rumor has it that Mahanaba himself lost his senses after being stoned to death and his two teeth were martyred and Mujahid Musab, a flag bearer of the Muslim forces, was killed. 

Test: Uhud's defeat is internal weakness and self-defeating

Their defeat is not the result of internal weakness and self-conflict. Rather, it was a test of faith. Because uninterrupted victory is in the destiny of any nation

Rabachanna's victory does not unite the fate of any nation. Rather the joy of victory and defeat

The path to success is to move forward. Allah Irshad to remove the frustration of Muslims.

Don't get me wrong, don't worry. If you are believers, then your victory will come. ” Historical p. K. Disaster for the Muslims: Uhud did not follow the instructions of the Prophet (peace be upon him) even though it was on the verge of victory

The Muslim forces were upset and damaged. 70 Muslims were martyred and 23 Quraish were killed. Hinda, the wife of Abu Sufyan, showed boundless cruelty by chewing the heart out of the chest of martyr Bir Hamza (ra).


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