Recent Trends in information and communication technology

Recent Trends in information and communication technology

Recent Trends in information and communication technology

The first industrial revolution began with the use of steam power. The second industrial revolution was the widespread use of electrical energy. A new industrial revolution began with the use of electronics and information and communication technology. They will take part in the information and communication technology industrial revolution. They will lead the world in the future. The development of information and communication technology has touched the lives of all the people of the world in a different way. It has created equal opportunities for the nation that the more interested the nation is in adopting technology, the more the nation will benefit.

Recent trends in information and communication technology have greatly influenced these areas.

1. Artificial intelligence:

Artificial intelligence

Thinking intelligence or analytical ability is not a human-like mechanical robot with human-like intelligence to think or give the ability to analyze and the soil is commonly called artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence. The main reason why the future is becoming a part of our daily life is that if the people of this world are connected in such a way in summer that suddenly an unimaginable amount has been created and a powerful computer has come into our hands to process it. Processing everything matched Artificial Intelligence

Prime Minister Abas Ciplusplus Jada Meghnath Python etc. R programming language is used in the application of artificial intelligence. Developers use their preferred program based on functionality and necessity. Nothing will be taught separately. The huge number of leaders in front of the machine will learn a device by itself. It would be wrong to make the first decision but just like human beings, the machine will learn to make the right decision by learning from mistakes. We will see some successful applications of artificial intelligence in our lifetime. Another driverless government again all the predictions we have already begun to see in addition to the current world computer technology-dependent joy can not be found where there is no practical application of artificial intelligence such as medical automobile social media internet entertainment exploration artificial intelligence Its use is being observed

2. Robotics :


We are all familiar with the term robot. By this term, we mean a kind of device that can perform human activity requests. It consists of a combination of science, engineering, and technology. Although we normally imagine a human-shaped device any size or shape can depend on the actual porter work. Even a day ago today the robot user was limited to welding or screwing. With the advancement of technology the robot started working and such, there is no work where robots are not being used


Robots are used in hazardous work. Robots are used in industrial work. Student Venus is used in medical work. Used in the medical field. The military field is also used.

3. Cryosurgery:


Cryosurgery is a type of medical procedure used to destroy abnormal or unexpectedly diseased pure skin by applying a higher temperature. With the detection of the lesion and the insertion of a very fine-tuned cryoprobe, the temperature is set to drop to 41 to 196 degrees Celsius. The oxygen supply to the selected tissues is cut off.

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4. Space Exploration

Space Exploration

The female astronaut would have come without an astronaut when the Earth's gravitational force travels out of the atmosphere at least 100 kilometers above the Earth's surface. We call this space mission a space mission. Oriya Robin's Space Expedition 20 July 1969 Shala Man's first landing on the Moon 2 December 1971 The first landing on Mars on March 3 Other This requires the precise control of multiple rockets to bring a spacecraft back to Earth, including an astronaut, into the atmosphere at such a high speed. The orbit of the spacecraft has been bay Numerous satellites or artificial satellites have been launched into space since the development of space technology. One of the most significant of these is the satellite The Geo Stationary Satellite is said to be orbiting the Earth at exactly the same speed as the Earth's rotation 33 km above the Earth's surface. The Geo Stationary Satellite seems to be stationary in one place in the sky from the Earth. This is a prerequisite for the use of telecommunications.

In today's world satellite technology is a very necessary technology that may seem unbelievable but we always use satellite technology directly in our daily life. Our society has GPS. A lot of times those words go through the satellite when the low pressure of the ocean turns into a cyclone. Weather satellite warns me of its missing image

5. ICT Dependent Production :

ICT Dependent Production

Production is the process of providing essential products and services to the users or consumers. This process is manifested by the combined use or action of creativity, research, knowledge, ingenuity, and imagination. To meet that demand new models of products are constantly coming into the market. We have to rely on information and communication technology for planning, transportation, marketing, design development, etc.

6. Defence :


The defense system ensures the sovereignty of the country and the security of the people. It also includes counter-terrorism and cybercrime prevention. The defense industry is closely related to the defense of every country in the world. It is self-sufficient in defense by producing weapons on the one hand and plays a significant role in the economy on the other. Due to the combination of information and communication technology with this industry, different countries of the world have got different dimensions in the defense industry. While many countries in the world are unable to directly produce weapons, they are also playing a major role in the country's economy by developing and marketing defense-related software using their human resources. Defense and ICT are complementary. For example, at one time the left corner did not have its own intelligence, it would hit wherever it was thrown. Now, with the help of ICT, it has become possible to create smart bamma, which can go to certain places and hit when listening to instructions. In recent times, it has become possible to change the war situation by using unmanned aerial vehicles (UVA) or drones. From the sky to space-centric and from hardware to software-based warfare is the everyday image of today's war.

At present, the army, navy, and air force together are known as Bangladesh Armed Forces or Bangladesh Armed Forces. These forces have a responsibility to defend our country. It is planned to modernize our armed forces and make them proficient in information technology. The Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST) is playing an important role in making the Armed Forces self-sufficient in modern technology. It should be noted here that many new technologies have been developed due to the various types of research done by the defense forces and the common people of the world have benefited. Internet and GPS are two such examples. On the other hand, it is also true that due to the huge trade of arms in the world, new weapons are constantly being made by wasting huge resources of the world. There are also unfortunate examples of wars being fought in different parts of the world from time to time to test those weapons in real war situations.

7. Biometric :


Biometrics is a technology used to uniquely identify a person based on the measurement of a person's physical behavior and behavioral characteristics. The behavior or structure of one person to another feature will not be the same in speech. Types of biometrics differ in features.

(a) Physiological biometric method of fingerprint identification (Fingerprint):  Naturally, the fingerprints of every human being in the world are different, that is, there is no similarity between the fingerprints of one and the other. One's tips will never fit the other. Fingerprint clearer Cara finger

Muppet's image after printing Computer Figure Use of fingerprint detectors

Is stored in the database. The fingerprint machine uses electromagnetic fingerprinting to create fingerprints based on finger lines, skin tissue, and free movement under the skin. Handline geometry: This method ensures safety by analyzing the size, thickness, line layout, and finger length of the hand. However, this method is not very effective in the case of people who do manual labor, especially workers. Moreover, even if something is stuck in the hand, the effectiveness of this method is not observed in that way. Irish scanning: In this method, the identification is done by analyzing the pigment ring or Irish around the eyeball. Identification also takes relatively less time and the precision is at an acceptable level. However, if you are wearing contact lenses, this method is always. It May not be effective Face 


In this method, the whole face is identified by taking pictures. The value of the pre-preserved sample is compared with the shape of the face to be compared by the jury captured by the camera. DNA testing; DNA (DNA: Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid) test that. The perfect shoe can be unquestionably identified in any person. DNA samples are collected from various parts of the human body such as blood, hair, fingernails, and saliva. These are then stored in a map or blueprint biological database by identifying their structural nature. Later samples The person can be identified in a second way by combining with the previous data. | (b) Behavioral biometric method Typing keystroke verification on the keyboard: To quickly identify the person on the keyboard or any other corner of the input device, how quickly he can type his secret work. Signature verification: This is a widely used and long-established method. In this method, a person is identified by verifying the signature locker, type, writing speed, time, writing pressure (eg pen, pencil, etc.)

8. Bioinformatics :


Bioinformatics is a discipline that combines biology, computer science, information engineering, mathematics, and statistics. Originally, this topic was born to collect, store and properly process a huge amount of biological data to explain them. The first major breakthrough in bioinformatics came when the human genome was sequenced for the first time after a long 13-year effort and that information was published online so that scientists around the world could get it. Now with the development of technology, it is possible to sequence the entire human genome in a matter of hours. Another important area of ​​bioinformatics is research on cancer. In the future, each person will use their own medicine separately, which will also be possible as a result of research in bioinformatics. Protein formation has long been an important issue for scientists. Bioinformatics is also playing a major role in this research. Evolution is a very important subject in science. Bioinformatics is playing a very big role in unraveling the mystery of this evolution. The bioinformatics method usually combines the components and techniques of the following four different branches. 

1, Molecular Biology and Mectin: Works for data source analysis. 

2, Database: Text mining and web applications. 

3. Program: Data Analysis Algorithm by which Bioinformatics is strictly defined. 

4. Mathematics and statistics; With this, the feasibility is verified. Use of Bioinformatics Bioinformatics is mainly used to gain a fair and accurate idea about the analysis of biological methods. And the use of computer technology is essential to solve all these biological problems. However, computer technology is especially used in the construction of electronic databases of structure elements such as genome sequences, protein sequences, etc. Bioinformatics is also used in molecular medicine, gene therapy, medicine making, waste disposal, climate change research, alternative energy sources, bacterial weapons development, DNA mapping and analysis, gene finding, and protein interaction monitoring.

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9. Genetic Engineering :

Genetic Engineering

Each is in the middle of the cell. Chromosomes, which make up DNA


Deoxyribose Nucleic  Acid) with the double helix. This | A tiny fraction inside the DNA The characteristics of the life of that animal

Carries are known as genes. A chromosome can contain many genes, and the human body has between 20,000 and 30,000 genes. One such set of Genesis is called genomes.

Since a gene is the carrier of a trait of an animal, it is possible to change a trait at the corner of an animal by changing a gene at the corner of the animal's genome. Since the jingles are actually | A part of DNA, if you want to change a gene, that part of DNA is in the laboratory. Separate another gene from another animal or bacterium and put it there Is to pay.

Scientists are constantly researching to find out what genetic pairing recombinant DNA or RDNA can actually be used for. The purpose of this sophisticated branch of rheumatoid arthritis is to create new genes or DNA by separating the genes of that organism and combining them with the genes of other organisms in order to change the new and desired characteristics of the organism. So genetic

Use and application of genetic engineering. Food shortages are a common problem compared to the population of many countries in the world, which requires a lot of foreign exchange to be spent on food imports. Genetic engineering is currently being used to solve this problem. It is becoming possible to produce food grains in many ways. This subject is widely known as a hybrid. Attempts are being made to solve the food problem by increasing the size and meat of animals and increasing the amount of protein in milk. The use of genetically modified E. coli bacteria and yeast to produce insulin in the human body, increase hormones, and gene technology for the treatment of dwarfism, viral infections, cancer, AIDS, etc., is on the rise. This technology is gaining more importance than the conventional breeding of the concerned inventors or entrepreneurs as it is possible to transfer the desired traits in a short period of time through gene engineering. In our country also Bangladesh Rice Research Institute, Jute Research Institute, Sugarcane Research Institute, etc. have worked on this technology and have produced many high-yielding varieties of grain seeds. Using these seeds, it is becoming possible to produce grains at several times higher rates. Immediately after independence, the Rice Research Institute in our country has sown many varieties of high-yielding Bri (BRRI) rice seeds.

10. Nanotechnology :


10 meters is called a nanometer and using science and technology to create and use something from 1 to 100 nanometer-shaped angles is called nanotechnology. When something is made in a corner of this shape, it is generally called a nano-particle. Due to the small size, the surface area of ​​various particles is relatively high; That is why they are much more chemically active. Not only that, the religion or quality of a product in a large shape, if it is a particle.

"The next world will be the world of nanotechnology," he said. To that end, researchers have given us hope. Nana technology is used in two ways: 

(a) Small to large (Bottom Up): In this method, starting from the smallest molecular material to slow. Slowly things are made in big corners. 

(b) Top-Down: In this method, the object is turned into a small shape by starting from something a little bigger and breaking it down. Nanay's use of technology 1. Use of computer hardware; Used for high power, durability, low power consumption, etc. of the processor. At the same time, it helps in the development of couple and Quantum technologies. 2, in the medical field; Surgery using nanotechnology, such as angioplasty, direct treatment of diseased cells, nanotechnology, cryosurgery, diagnosis, such as endoscopy, angiogram, kaleidoscope, etc. 3, in the food industry: Dairy products are used for packaging, making sawal in food, used for preserving the quality of food. 4, Fuel field: As an alternative to the source of energy to make fuel for Binni dhan, such as fuel from hydrogen ions, solar cells for the production of solar power. 5, in the case of transport: in the manufacture of lightweight and low fuel consumption vehicles. 6, in the manufacture of sporting goods. A variety of sporting goods such as cricket, tennis to increase the durability of the ball, football, or pons to balance the ball's diameter. 


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